M1 Garands

All M1’s have new Criterion or Kreiger barrels, in 30-06 or 308, new Walnut DuPage stock & handguards, reparked, refurbished, & ready to shoot.  M1’s are completely rebuilt, all systems checked, reparkerized, & come with 10 clips, instruction manual & 3 Year Warranty.  

*All M1’s are refurbished from existing ones.  All systems are inspected & gauged for servicibility, reparkerized & then re-assembled, using gauges to make everything correct.  All have new Criterion or Kreiger Match barrels, as stated.*

Kevin's accuracy with the 1944 SA

"The accuracy of rifles from Garandguy.com I wanted to get this photo to you and thank you again for the 1944 SA you sold me when I was in the Army. I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy potential of your 308 Garand from a simple bench rest sandbag. I have 3 or 4 targets like this one that are all MOA/Sub MOA with this rifle- this is just the latest from the other day."

Thanks again.

Kevin Riley

Kodiak, AK

"I recently went to the rifle range with my M1 Garand, and fired at targets.  I fired 4 enblocs, and had 28 hits, so not too bad. The rifle performed very well.  Attached is a picture of me in my WWII 82nd airborne uniform and equipment, aim down range. Just figured you might like to see it."


"I would like to thank you. I received my M1 today and I am more than pleased with it. I would/will recommend you to anyone. The picture online of the Super Premium Grade M1 in a way does not show how nice it really is. You care about what you are doing and it comes through in your final product....can't wait to fire it!"

Lucas R.