3-Year Limited Warranty

The Garand Guy warranties all M1’s & BM59’s sold by us free replacement of parts & labor for one year & free labor for the next two years. Customers must pay for parts as listed on our website.

This warranty does not cover conditions caused by abuse, damage, use of improper ammo, including reloads, excessive powder loads, tampering by others, water damage, improper storage or any other condition not condusive for the proper use and operation of said firearm.

All warranty work must be done by us. We will not be responsible for work done by others.

As I am on in years, this warranty is good as long as I am in good health to provide it.  If I kick off, you’re SOL.

This warranty is retroactive &  transferable to a new purchaser.

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All sales outside NJ must be sent to a FFL dealer.  Please list your dealer & ask him to fax his license to 732-669-7396 & include his phone number.    I will send  my license with the order.