I’ve rebuilt, refurbished, and restored over 5,000 M1’s. We’re also selling parts & gunsmithing, so if you need parts, or repairs, please contact me.  I have M1’s to sell so please contact me if you want one.



Tony Giacobbe

Tony Giacobbe

"The Garand Guy"

GarandGuy.com provides rifle enthusiasts across the globe with a singular location to purchase refurbished rifles, obtain hard-to-find parts and have the ability to find expert gunsmithing to address their unique needs. An extension of the amazing services The Garand Guy, Tony Giacobbe, offers at his storefront in Rahway, New Jersey, Garandguy.com provides help with every step of buying and maintaining historically-accurate M1 Garand and B59 rifles.

CAUTION:  Some hacker has  illegally obtained my FFL, & may attempt to answer your ad for parts, especially PB parts.  If he does not use my e-mail (gman366&Comcast.net) or my phone # (732-388-1962), or accept credit cards, then he is a phony!  DO NOT send any money via Moneygram .  Get his contact information & report it to me.  I have been contacted by scammers 5 times with false FFL’s & driver’s licenses.  If you are solicited by anyone, be sure of his identity by checking out his credentials, & PAY ONLY BY CREDIT CARD OR Postal money order , where you have some recourse.

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Kevin's accuracy with the 1944 SA

"The accuracy of rifles from Garandguy.com I wanted to get this photo to you and thank you again for the 1944 SA you sold me when I was in the Army. I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy potential of your 308 Garand from a simple bench rest sandbag. I have 3 or 4 targets like this one that are all MOA/Sub MOA with this rifle- this is just the latest from the other day."

Thanks again.

Kevin Riley

Kodiak, AK

"I recently went to the rifle range with my M1 Garand, and fired at targets.  I fired 4 enblocs, and had 28 hits, so not too bad. The rifle performed very well.  Attached is a picture of me in my WWII 82nd airborne uniform and equipment, aim down range. Just figured you might like to see it."


"I would like to thank you. I received my M1 today and I am more than pleased with it. I would/will recommend you to anyone. The picture online of the Super Premium Grade M1 in a way does not show how nice it really is. You care about what you are doing and it comes through in your final product....can't wait to fire it!"

Lucas R.

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